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The HORNET Surfboard by Von Sol

the Twinzer by Von Sol Surfboards
The Twinzer



by VON SOL Surfboards

The Von Twinzer is an amazing single winged fish design with a unique hull and bottom contour that incorporates a blazing fast 5 fin twinzer set.

The combination of this hull design and fin configuration creates a board that just wants to fly. The Twinzer fin lay out creating a slot between the leading front canard fins to the main twin fin set that creates enormous amounts of speed which is just one of the design features that makes this board so fast!

Much like the jib sail of a sailboat applies more force to the main sail, the same theory applies to the twinzer fin design. The "nubster "aka. "The Guitar Pick ", center fin was added for control of this amazing design!

Over the years twinzers have been loved by many because of their amazing speed but would find the board out of control in certain conditions.

Adding the "nubster"center fin regains control and confidence in this amazing design.

Refinement at it's best!

The Hornet by Von Sol Surfboards with Sean Mattison
Surfer: Sean Mattison | Photographer: ?

TWINZER - High performance fish surfboard design by Sean Mattison.


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Von Sol Twin Fins
Von Sol Twin Fins
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Nubster (aka) Guitar Pick Fin
The Nubster |Guitar Pick Fin
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