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Oceanside California

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The Nubster Stabilizer GO 5 fins

The Nubster fin aka. 'guitar pick' by Sean Mattison.
The Nubster Fin is a center fin designed to eliminate squirl associated with your basic quad ride without the loss of free movement. It is designed with a single tab for the ability to move it forward and back based on drive.

The Nubster fin, deemed by the media as "the guitar pick" during the Quiksilver Pro New York contest was the 5th fin Kelly Slater used on his quad. According to Kelly's report "that fifth fin just tightens and smooth's the whole thing up." which is the basis for the fin design. The single Nubster fin "magic fin" is available through the Mattison Store.

For questions about the Von Sol Nubster fin by Sean Mattison please send an email to vonsolsurf@gmail.com.

VON SOL Surfboards - High Performance Fin Systems by VON SOL

High Performance FINS by VON SOL

Nubster aka. Guitar Pick Fin

NUBSTER (aka) Guitar Pick Fin

Von Sol Pivot Rear Fin Set

Von Sol Pivot Rear Fin Set

Twin Fin Color Set

Twin Fin Color Set

Von  Sol Kicker Fin

Von Sol Kicker

Von Knight Quad Color Fin Set

Von Knight Quad Color Fins

Phantom Twin Set and Keel Fin

Phantom Twin Fins and Keel

Stilettos Quad Color Fin Set

Stilettos Quad Color Fins

LokBox Quad Fin Set

LOKBOX Von Knight Quads

Stilettos Quad Fin Set

Stilettos Quad Fins

Von Knight Quad Fin Set

Von Knight Quad Set

Single Keel Fin by Von Sol

Single Keel Fin

Phantom Qaud Set

Phantom Quad Set


Von Sol is dedicated to innovative surfboard designs with performance craftsmanship for a variety of surfing styles.
Von Sol Surfboard Fins are designed for the joy of surfing - designed for you.

Our results are impossible to ignore - CATCH OUR VISION!

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Available at these fine surf shops.

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Mattison Store Online
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